Paolo Parisi / Artist
Lives and works in Florence, Italy




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(Catania, 1965), lives and works in Florence. He is one of the founders of the artist-run space “Base / Progetti per l’Arte” in Florence. Experiencing art as a cognitive act through its various materials and processes, the variation of perception and the formation of a personal point of view are fundamental elements in Paolo Parisi’s work. Daylight passing through coloured glass is transformed, imbuing everything it touches with a new and diverse shade. Ultra-sound allows us to hear the movements recorded under the surface of volcanoes.  Sculpture, shaped from sheets of corrugated cardboard, can be explored from within, as in a natural cavity. Painting, the principal reason and mainstay of his work becomes a liaison between painting, sculpture and the blending of both in space through the traced perspectives of a collective, elementary geography. Paolo Parisi from the start has explored abstract painting to reflect on ways of seeing and used monochrome to create a physical experience, transforming architectural space and establishing a new rapport between the container and its contents. Since 1993 he has taught at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna and now he runs the Graphic Course for the Special Two Years Degree Course in Visual Art and New Expressive Languages at Academy of Fine Arts in Florence. Between 2001 and  2003 he took part in the teaching programme in Giulio Paolini’s  Workshop of Artistic Techniques and Expressions for the two year specialisation programme at the Faculty of Art and Design at the IUAV in Venice. Since 1991 his work has been displayed in public and private spaces, in Italy and elsewhere