Industrias lentas is a workshop dedicated to the world of graphics and editing, where aspects of traditional printing are mixed with more modern processes, using the most appropriate for each particular project.

Our involvement with different techniques of manual printing and the publishing world dates back to a long time ago. Gradually, we have been acquiring and even manufacturing our own means to do what what we had planned, even if more than once, they have driven us mad. We collected machinery without having physical space to store it, piled reams of paper without a specific purpose and we even commissioned a turner a vertical press that he himself did not know if it would work…All this folly has led us to take another small step forward and we acquired a Hispania, Minerva type, to set up this workshop. We continue to seek new material to take possession of in order to continue our modest project.

The machine speed results in our own industrial revolution. However, it is a question of caring each model as if it were unique: slowly but surely.

[Translated by Mariateresa Gallo]