Agence Borderline adheres to a contemporary tendency to explore places that are not usually dedicated to art. Through their curatorial approach they aim to highlight the historical depth and architectural appeal of places of memory, of suspended narratives. By including them in a contemporary dialogue they attempt to suggest a new perception of history and space. A former custom post, a hotel room, a boat, a resistance museum, a movie theater, etc. were the context for some of their collaborations with artists, curators and researchers from different backgrounds including Laurianne Bixhain, Kalle Brolin, Soyoung Chung, Claire Decet, Falseparklocation, Pietro Gaglianò, Catherine Lorent, Moussa Kone, Seulgi Lee, Ilaria Lupo, Philippe Nathan, Luis Nobre, Guillaume Paris, Roland Quetsch, Gian Maria Tore.

On the invitation to contribute to NYR Magazine they decided to present a work by Laurianne Bixhain that finds resonance with the topics raised in the current magazine.

The work Çeşme ılıcalarında balayı adacığı/Honeymoon Island at Çeşme’s Thermal Baths, refers to an image Laurianne Bixhain found in an old magazine for tourism (Milliyet Turizm Rehberi), in a column for history and recreation areas, during one of her numerous stays in Turkey. In her practice Bixhain often reappropriates found images by displacing them from their original context. Through the shifting of scale, the magnifying of the grid she reveals a new image and creates new meanings. The blue and black pattern of the sea blurs the shape of the represented object, and our perception of a defined geographical space. The evidence of the subject vanishes with the displacement of form and color. Do we see ground, water, an island, a stone, a fading image? Does this island even exist, is it a mythical place, a mirage? Is the guide misleading?

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Agence Borderline is an independent curatorial project co-founded in 2006 by Claudia Passeri and Michèle Walerich.

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