We are proud to announce that Nicola Mariani is the guest editor of NYR Magazine #6

Nicola Mariani (Perugia, Italy, 1972).

Sociologist, art critic and independent curator. Degree in Political Science at the Università degli Studi di Perugia, specialized in contemporary art by Iart (Madrid). Expert in Sociology of Consumption and Data Analysis for Social Research by the UCM (Madrid). In 2009 founded the www.nicolamariani.es blog dedicated to contemporary art criticism, with special attention to emerging art and exhibition scene of the city of Madrid. He worked as a social researcher, studying in depth cultural trends and youth lifestyles. He is the author of articles and essays for magazines and online portals. He has collaborated with publishers and online art projects, such as: Donde acaba Madrid (fotoblog by www.elmundo.es), Vivanco Cultura de Vino Foundation’s blog, Ensayos Absolut by PAC, Absolut Network, ARCO Bloggers, LABlog (blog by LABoral Centro de Arte de Gijón), Virtual Gallery, Social Trends, In-lan.com, Submergentes.org o Enfocarte.com etc. He currently works as a blogger and Social Media Manager for Durán Arte y Subastas.