On Wednesday January 29th 2014 the performance Agent/Encoding/Flowtook place inside the exhibition, with the same title, of the artist María José Arjona in collaboration with Marvel Benavides, curated by Eugenio Viola in the spaces of the promoeteogallery of Milan.

María José Arjona’s performative research tends towards exploring the body’s potentialities, intending it as a living entity that feels, acts and reacts. A body that becomes a powerful visual mean of communication, an exchange of symbolic energy between the artist and the public, and a conscious meaning maker.

Agent/Encoding/Flowis an act  of transposing the Morse code to the body language. The Morse code is in itself a transcription system, the first one adopted by telegraphy for the exchange of information for long distances, it recovers this “ancient” codification system, to translate the thirty articles that compose “The Universal Declaration of Human Rights” (1948) into a visual text, interpreted simultaneously by Marvel Benavides’s choreography and by the María José Arjona’s deconstruction, both being involved according to antithetic but complementary modalities, translating the Morse code’s signs in pure gesture flow and movement.

María José Arjona (1973 Bogotá) lives and works between Miami (USA) and Bogotá (Colombia).


Imagen: Maria José Arjona, Agent Encoding Flow, 2014. Documentación fotográfica de la performance. Foto: Lisa Palomino. Cortesía Prometeogallery di Ida Pisani, Lucca/ Milán, Italia.