N°8 / Exhibit the invisible

Editorial / Nuevos modos de hacer / Marta Álvarez. Read in Spanish
Article / En la tensión de lo imprevisible: lo expositivo como intermitencia / El Banquete. Read in Spanish
Article / Una magnifica ossessione / Veronica Caciolli. Read in Italian
Article / Qué se puede / SomosNosotros. Read in Spanish
Article / Construcciones desde lo Común – Aimée Zito Lema / Alba Folgado. Read in Spanish
Article / Programa sin créditos / Selina Blasco y Lila Insúa. Read in Spanish
Interview / Laboratorio del dubbio – Sara Enrico / Alessandra Franetovich. Read in Italian
Article / El nuevo museo, ágora para el encuentro entre educación y arte / Julio Marqués Barrios. Read in Spanish
Text / The theoretical fragility of contemporary art / Michele Manzini. Read in English
Text / ¿Qué hacemos hoy en el Museo? / Carmen López. Read in Spanish
Article / Hacke a la institución / Mónica Castellano González. Read in Spanish

Since the second half of the 1990’s it exists an important tendency in contemporary art curation and practice that consists in a prevalence of educational objectives. In that sense, art will be considered as a production of knowledge or research and a participatory and not an object-based practice. This so called “Educational turn” – as it was called by Paul O’Neill, Mick Wilson and Irit Rogoff (2008) – is focused in processes, discursivity and pedagogical methods and situations in and outside the exhibition. That introduces a double problematic in the white cube, which is used to show artistic objects as merchandise and not immaterial and socially engaged art; and which is used to be organized from top to bottom against what “New Institutionalism” proposes. 

How can we exhibit these hybrid practices in order not to deactivate their critical positioning? How are the institutions adopting themselves as learning places and not just of entertainment where exhibitions are pretexts for further transformations? Are the artists and curators mediators who must facilitate access to culture or just produce it?

Guest editor  > Marta Álvarez
Cover > Courtesy El Banquete