Housewives Coffee Break has been a house concert and house gallery situation in Rue Saint Bernard 19, Saint Gilles, Brussels, during 2017, researching and experimenting in lowercase based sounds, research that I started with my minimal audiographic novel Rien!

Housewives Coffee Break was dedicated to the memory and aesthetics of Herschell Gordon Lewis, we extracted gifs from his splatter movies where girls were dancing (a redundant image in his movies and for me one of the most powerful images in life). The name itself, Housewives Coffee Break, was taken from The Wizard Of Gore, and it’s the broadcast through which the wizard tries to gore-hypnotize its victims.

This audiographic compilation features all the artists that participated, played and exposed at Housewives Coffee Break. Here’s the FREE DOWNLOAD.

When I arrived in Brussels, one year ago, with my girlfriend, Giulia, we soon realized it was a pulsing and vivid city, where things were happening now. We started straight away to seek the best concert venues and became frequent visitors of Barlok, Les Atelier Claus, Q-O2, NGHE, Huis 23 and HS63, we also started noticing that the house concert situation wasn’t bad at all with places like Rumsteek, Paradis and Pianist Corner proposing different, small and interesting live sets. Furthermore the public seemed active, in the first couple of month I found the energy to continue SPIRITELLA, the industrial noise house concert project I started in Bologna.

It was a night at Barlok I met Aurore and Cecile, and a night in Rumsteek when we decided to found Etendoir, a formerly house concert situation in Molenbeek that became a centre for experimentation in every sort of events: concerts, video projections, literature meeting and fanzines production. After a while, things were going well, so I decided to deepen even more my research in experiments in sound (experiments that could actually fail!) and thin the fruition to those who really were interested in  experimental sounds.

We, Giulia and I, had a 35m2 studio in Saint Gilles, a nice neighbourhood south of Brussels; the space looked just fine and not so much time passed that we decided to create Housewives Coffee Break.

5 concerts (1 spin-off), 2 exhibitions, a 2-days festival. Here’s what happened in those 35m2:


1) 17.02.28 - davide tidoni + eugenio luciano (taken from The Gruesome Twosome)

2) 17.03.28 - amanita vulva + disposicion asoleada (taken from Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!)

3) 17.05.30 - carlotta profanata + lukas de clerck (taken from She-Devils On Wheels)

4) 17.06.20 - deprivation + tty (taken from Blast Off Girls)

5) 17.07.28-29 - blood feast (taken from The Gore Gore Girls)

8) BLOOD FEAST - Tonghe e Mustaci

12) Danny Stephan AKA Caine Rau in one of his prison pictures, exposed at HCB

14) Davide Tidoni - Fade Away, visual from the speaker bruning performance he did at HCB

Artist, Producer and Theorist, Eugenio Luciano was born in Rome (IT) in 1992 but spends most of his life in Padua. Currently lives between Bologna, Brussels and Stockholm where he develops his independent projects like his latest publication Rien!, an audiographic novel about a nihilist alien who lives in space and wonders about the utility of moving into infinity.